Yoga classes in Teddington

By strengthening and relaxing the body through bespoke yoga sessions, you will find strength of your mind. Yoga increases the ability to concentrate and it improves the functioning of your immune system. Yoga, especially when combined with bodywork, releases old energy blockages stored in the body. As when stuck energy is released, dormant energies can unleash your potential – which will manifest in your life as strength, creativity, radiance and groundedness.

Massage in Teddington, Kingston, Richmond area and London

Massage combined with relaxing atmosphere will allow your body to rejuvenate and invigorate. Deep massage with scientifically proven flow of strokes will improve circulation and release any tension stored in the tissues. When the body is given the space to heal, balance is restored. Let us know your individual needs to create the perfect massage experience for you.

Yoga Therapy

These bespoke sessions can help you with stress, anxiety or specific conditions to design a unique sequence for you. It has been scientifically shown that breathing techniques can help with stress related symptoms and depression therefore it can improve the quality of your wellbeing.

Stress Management
Yoga one to one consultations are bespoke sessions which can help you with stress, anxiety or other specific conditions by using unique sequences, and individual programmes designed just for you.

Have you been neglecting your body and mind, do you feel you are overwhelmed by day to day life and would like to tune into your body to be more present in all areas of your life?

Why not try one of the classes for free?

Come and treat yourself to a gift of being present in the body, boost your immune system and increase your stamina as well as re-wire your nervous system through positive affirmations, surrender and acceptance given to yourself.

5.45pm @ Private venue
7.30 pm @Physio and Therapy

7.30 pm @Physio and Therapy

10 am (private venue)

1x Monthly Tuesday
Mindfulness Meditation