About me

“I’ve always known there was more.

As a child I’ve always been searching for something with a spiritual meaning.

Something that connects everything.

Something that connects body with the soul.




Something that makes sense for the whole being.

I then in London met David Sye, Duncan Wong, Katy Appleton, who opened my eyes to yoga. A whole new world unveiled itself to me, a system which has been helping me to battle through the challenges of life, be it physical or emotional. Yoga has become my lifestyle and spiritual guide. Since 2007 I have been sharing this inspiration and knowledge with my friends and students.

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years, and in 2012 I graduated from the British Wheel of Yoga certified TriYoga Teacher Training Diploma (276hrs) programme with Susannah Hoffman, Jeff Phenix and Carlos Pomeda. In my teachings I combine my knowledge of yoga with my scientific knowledge (BSc)and Massage practices (ITEC Massage Diploma), yogic philosophy and healing”.

Edina Cservenkova, MSc, BSc, in her classes tunes into the of the group to guide the class through the most suitable yogic practices at the given time.

Edina specialises in working with individuals in Yoga Therapy sessions. These sessions are bespoke practices designed for the individual. Yoga therapy has the incredible power to create safe space for transformation for you.”

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Edina uses yoga as a healing tool just as well as a way to keep the body alive and full of energy.








Continued professional development has always been my number one priority. I believe, in order to provide high quality classes, sessions and workshops it is paramount that I keep reinvesting into my own development as a teacher, therapist and a person.

See below the list of the courses, workshops and events I completed, took part in. These events have all contributed towards my teaching style and the knowledge I can share with my students and fellow yogis on the path:

  • Yoga Teacher Diploma BWY at TriYoga
  • YOGA THERAPY DIPLOMA at Yogacampus
  • ITEC Holistic Massage Diploma
  • BWY Yoga Teacher Foundations Course
  • Yogacampus Yoga Therapy Foundations: The Philosophy of healing,  How to be a therapist: Intimacy, Boundaries and Ethics
  • Lisa Kaley-Isley – Yoga for Depression and Anxiety
  • Sally Kempton –  meditations and working with emotions – weekend workshops
  • Sianna Sherman – Shoulder therapeutics workshop
  • Timothy McCall – Yoga as Therapy
  • Simon Low – Workshop – Yin and Yang Yoga
  • Sianna Sherman – backbends
  • Carlos Pomeda – Wisdom of Yoga – Yoga philosophy
  • Bridget Woods Kramer – Foundations of Anusara
  • Carlos Pomeda – The philosophy of tantra
  • Danny Paradise – Weekend workshops of Ashtanga – Yoga of Shamanism
  • First Aid for Yoga Teachers (3x)
  • The Science of Total Yoga Nidra with Uma Dilsmore-Tuli and Ben Wolff
  • Therapeutic Relationships
  • Christopher Hareesh – The Yoga Sutras
  • Marc Beauvin – Yoga Therapeutics
  • Marc Beauvin – The philosophy of healing
  • Swami Saradanda – Chakra systems
  • Teacher training basics with Duncan Wong in 2009
  • Online Teacher Training tips with Sianna Sherman
  • Margaret Davidson – Psoas Part 1.
  • Deep Tissue Massage – CPD course
  • On-site chair massage course
  • David Sye – Yogabeats workshop
  • Katy Appleton – yoga workshop
  • Annie Carpenter – getting up side down – Inversions worskshop
  • Annie Carpenter – The forces of pulling and pushing
  • Vytas Baskauskas – The art of Vinyasa
  • Gina Sala – The art of Nada Yoga – working with voice
  • Sianna Sherman and Gina Sala – Open your voice – mantras
  • I have been featured in Sianna Sherman’s Mythic Yoga Flow (12 classes DVD programme filmed at the NuBoyana film studios)