Love Your Life – Healing Retreat in Greece 1st-8th June

Love Your Life: June 1st – 8th 2018 Price: €760 (or £444 until the 28th March)


Pay your deposit of €100 to book your spot here

Love Your Life is a celebration of the gift of life. We come into this world alone and leave it alone, everything in between is our joint experience that we have shared, that will live on forever.
Love Your Life will take us on a beautiful and magical journey into the parts of life that can deeply heal and transform us on every level.
Each day is full of learning, sharing, healing, transforming and most of all… loving.
The power of love is the power of creation. When we embody love we can make love to life and birth something new and sacred.
Each day we will journey and explore love through a variety of movement, dialogue, active meditations, touch, communication, sharings and support.
We will have very special teachers and facilitators with a wealth of experience and abilities to guide and support us through each of our own inner transformations.

Some of our Greece Family Healers and Life Transformers that will be facilitating our Workshops, Classes and One to One Sessions:
Gary Winer – Spiritual Haircutter, Love Masseur and Freedo Life Guide
Bayari Lou Beegan –  Potion Alchemist
Gillian Alexander – Sacred Space holder
Tiffani Louise Vinyard – Reiki Drummer, Shamanic Musician and Singer
Edina Cservenkova – Yoga Teacher, Massage and Yoga Therapist, Holistic Healer
Arrival Day
Relax, chat with the healers, share with the guests, enjoy the surroundings, prepare for our journey and settle yourself.
Each day will have a theme:
Day 1 ~ Love Your Body
Our body was born out of love, as a baby we need to feel loved through nurturing touch and healthy movement. Many of us don’t receive enough of this and as we age we receive less and less, sometimes we even get drained of our energy through abusive relationships and situations. Learn to open your body cells and receive love from yourself and others. Teach your body to feel deeply nurtured, relaxed and full of vibrancy and loving energy. We will be releasing negative body cell memory from our own life experience and our ancestors. We will be creating new positive body programming teaching it how to handle our emotions in an optimal way, and changing how our body reacts to daily stresses, through deeply profound exercises and processes. The result being a healthier, better balanced, more relaxed and deeply energised body.
Day 2 – Love Your Mind
Our mind is very powerful, it can influence our clarity, logic, creativity, problem-solving, inspiration, actions and behaviours. It also can dramatically affect the health of our body and life experience. We will be learning and practicing new ways of understanding our life, breaking out of old limiting beliefs and creating new thought programs that can benefit all areas of our life. Some benefits will be better communication with friends and family, deeper connection to our mind, improved mental intelligence and learning abilities, clear goals and action steps and superior problem-solving abilities.
Day 3 – Love Your Soul
Have you ever met someone who you just know you both have a soul connection? it’s like you already know them. Have you ever dreamed or thought about someone you love, whether here or passed on, and it’s like you can feel they are really with you? Have you ever prayed to something with the hope of being helped? this is our soul energy, the essence of who we are, unconditional, trusting and supportive. When we learn to connect to our soul, we feel completely supported and loved unconditionally. Soul energy does not judge, and cuts through all the drama to the core of our truth and the truth of others. Through our soul, our intuition develops and we are able to see our true life purpose.
Day 4 – Love Your Relationships
Relationships are key to expansion and growth, first, we need to understand the relationship we have with our body, mind and soul, this is the most sacred of all relationships, that without a full understanding will affect all our other relationships in complex ways full of resistance and misunderstandings. After our deep connection to our self, we can expand into outer relationships with friends, lovers, partners, family, strangers, even animals, our environment, plants, the food we eat, the homes we live in and the universe we are part of. Relating is the most beautiful, nurturing and supportive ability and expansive experience we can have, never to feel lonely, always feeling the deep connection to everyone and everything in our life and beyond.
Day 5 – Love Your Work
Who loves their work? honestly, is your work your dream, do you love doing it? does it make you feel fulfilled? or does it drain you and keep you captive from truly living the way you choose? Our work has the ability to help us live a life of joy, it is our ability to exchange our skills and knowledge for someone else’s. You will learn, feel inspired and be motivated to align yourself with your life purpose, create a clear vision, with simple direct action steps that will help you create your dream life work, whether it’s part or full time, or help you transform your existing work life into one that supports and help you grow in the best possible way.
Day 6 – Love Your Life
Today we celebrate the achievements of our amazing journey this week and also our life up to now, through gratitude rituals, sharing and validations. Review your learnings and commit to new practices in your daily life. Join our support group for aftercare and support, so you will never feel lost or alone ever again. You will always have the support of your healing family to help you love your life in every single way
Day 7
Free time, socialising, processing and above all… loving your life.
All classes and workshops are optional, and in cases where you may feel like not attending one or having a private one to one session with a practitioner instead (at an additional cost), you are most welcome.
A taster of our time together…
A day with us may look something like this (feel free to request what you like and don’t like and we will try our best to accommodate your needs before the retreat):
07:00 am – Hatha Yoga Session
08:30 am – Vitalizing Breakfast
09:30 am – Creative Art Therapy workshop
11:30 am – Psychodrama Workshop
1:30 pm – Delicious Lunch
3:00 pm – Own time to rest, walk, beach, socialise. Optional Taichi on the beach
8:30 pm – Yummy heartwarming dinner
10:00 pm – Relax, socialise, sharing, own time. Laughter Yoga Session
Private one to one sessions will be made available throughout the day and evening at an additional cost and can be booked anytime, even if you feel like booking one at the same time as a class or workshop.
Some examples of private one to one sessions:
Hypnotherapy : Gestalt : Therapy : Inner Dialogue : Swedish Massage : Holistic Massage : Reiki healing : Kiatsu healing : Shiatsu : Spiritual Healing : Spiritual Haircutting : Psychic Life Coaching : Yoga Therapy : Thai massage : Cranial Sacral Therapy : Reflexology : Aromatherapy Massage : Psychic Life Readings : Womb Healing : Indian Head Massage : Lomi Lomi : Acupuncture : Reiki : Circling : Life Coaching : Body Dialogue : Psychic Readings : EFT