Edina in her massage sessions intuitively finds  the best approach for each client. She combines her experience in bodywork, healing, bio-energetics and yoga therapy with the needs of the individual.  Sessions might start with breath awareness and mindfulness. The scene will be set for total body relaxation, which will allow the healing to take place so the massage can work on a deep tissue level.

Choose the right massage for you:

  • Relaxing Massage
  • Energising Massage
  • Holistic Deep Tissue Massage
  • Meditative Massage
  • Pampering Massage

The massage will take place either at our Teddington Private Treatment room or at the comfort of your own home if within manageable distance. Please add an additional £15 for outcalls. Contact me   for suitable times for your massage between 8am-10pm.

Massage Didi

£100/2hr  Massage

£80/1.5hr  Massage

£60/1 hr Massage

It is suggested that the body starts to relax deeply after 30 minutes. It takes time for the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in and bring about the physical response where the tissues start to relax and open up. If you are looking for a longer lasting effect, 60 minutes of massage would be the minimum time you would want to go for.

£50/45 min    Massage

£35/30 min    Massage

Try this short treatment if you have a busy schedule but would like to relax your body. This shorter version can be suitable for a back and shoulder massage.

All sessions will include 5 min of consultation as part of the session.

Request more info here.

Before any sessions: have a light meal at least an hourbefore the massage. Hydrate well and refrain Massage Didifrom alcohol and caffeine consumption. Take a shower (if possible) and inform Didi of any health concerns. ITEC is very strict about the health and safety guidelines, therefore it is essential that you inform me about any of these prior to session. Permission from your doctor might be needed. I reserve the right to delay or cancel any session if required.

What exactly is massage and what are the benefits?

Find out more about massage from the FHT website

Find our FB page with useful tips about healthy living. Often you will find promotions on my FB page where you can win a taster session for a massage or yoga therapy session

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