World Yoga Day – FREE Classes

“World Yoga Day was started several years ago by Samira Radsi, a yoga teacher living in Berlin, Germany. Samira herself says that the idea for creating World Yoga Day to harness the power of yogis the world over to help victims of human rights violations just came to her spontaneously when she was drinking her cappuccino one Saturday morning. Soon, she shared her dream of helping people via yoga with her friend and fellow yoga teacher, Bjoern Wyrich and they began to take action to make World Yoga day a reality. One of the first steps was to get in touch with yoga schools the world over to find out how many of them would be interested in participating, and several hundred declared their support. In general, the idea behind World Yoga Day is very simple: yoga teachers, yoga schools and yogis around the world donate a bit of their time, space and money to human rights causes.”
Come and join us for yoga practices from various yoga traditions and schools.
Attendance is free and any donations will be sent to CRY, and Indian charity to help underprivileged children.

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Session 1: 10.30am
Session 2: 2.30pm

Location: private venue in Teddington. Spaces for both sessions are limited, please choose either morning or afternoon practice to join us and stay for teas and snacks if you have time.
Book your places here
Bring your mat if you have one and wear comfortable clothes
There will be time for tea and snacks after class to socialise

Three legged plank

Come and join us for a day of yoga practice. We will dedicate our practice toward world peace and human rights. All donations will be sent to the Indian charity called Cry.

On the 21st June, all yoga schools get together to practice and dedicate a 2 hour long practice to raise awareness about human rights.

When we come together and practice, we raise the general awareness to see things differently for everyone.