NEW YOGA CLASSES in Teddington: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 6-7pm


~Do you only have one hour to do yoga? Join us for this hour long practice to experience ease, relaxation, more calmness, strength and grounding.

::::::::::HATHA YOGA CLASSES in Teddington:

  • Monday       6-7pm
  • Wednesday 6-7pm
  • Thursday     6-7pm

Location: DidiHolistics private venue in central Teddington.

Advanced booking is required as spaces are limited. Book here , message 07848011064 or reserve your space online now here

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Please bring a yoga mat (if you have one, otherwise there are a few spare ones), a water bottle and wear loose clothing. Do not eat at least an hour before the class. I invite you to follow your body at all times during the practice.

The Hatha Yoga Flow Classes are a fusion of Hatha yoga poses, meditations, energy exercises, breathing techniques and movement.

These new classes last one hour and they combine breathing, poses and short relaxation. These classes are suitable for all levels and abilities including complete beginners.

Come and treat yourself to a gift of being present in the body, boost your immune system and increase your stamina as well as re-wire your nervous system through positive affirmations, surrender and acceptance given to yourself.

See what other attendees have said:

“Yesterday I attended the yoga class facilitated by Didi. Didi brings a conscious and spiritual connection to her form of yoga that adds a dynamic that I have not experienced in other yoga classes. She adds herself, her groundedness, her sense of being, her softness, her compassion, her music, her care were all manifested in abundance in this setting, she took us through flowing forms but added yogic practices for the eyes, meditations, breathing techniques. She tutored us in anatomy and physiology, she helped aide my body with gentle presses so easing my body into deeply grounding movements, she laid on of hands with sensitivity that moved me to tears and left my body feeling deeply connected with myself and all that i am. Those of you that know me well know that i do not praise for the sake of praising or to ‘big up’ even a friend’s work unless I genuinely feel that i value the work and am left feeling that I have received a gift. Didi is indeed the giver of gifts and presence and i am very grateful for what I received yesterday evening. I shall be attending again x” Jason

It was a beautifully crafted, deep and meditative class. Thank you for your sensitive and loving teaching. You have such a gift for this. Its been a real blessing to witness you develop it and take it deeper week by week as we’ve journeyed through the chakras ” Chris

“I remember coming to Edina’s first yoga class a couple of months ago, I was completely hypnotised by her teaching practice and the way she explained asana for us. Her soft voice was so calming, her beautiful flows were creative. You leave the room calm, stretched and a bit more fluid than when you walked in. Edina is very attentive, with a very deep knowledge of yoga anatomy that is carefully and thoughtfully matched to the needs of her students. She gives you a real insight into the spirit and aim of the yogic philosophy.
Edina, you are one of the most inspirational people I have met, you are a natural teacher.” JC