Stress Management

Yoga one to one consultations are bespoke sessions which can help you with stress, anxiety or other specific conditions by using unique sequences, and individual programmes designed just for you.

yoga therapy
Yoga Therapy

It has been scientifically shown that breathing techniques can help with stress related symptoms and depression therefore it can improve the quality of your wellbeing.

Have you been neglecting your body and mind, do you feel you are overwhelmed by day to day life and would like to tune into your body to be more present in all areas of your life?

These sessions will include a 30 minute consultation of your lifestyle and health record to see your case holistically. Most disease originate from the mind and that is why yoga, breathing and meditation have proved to be so incredibly powerful in transformation.

Cost: £50/60min (in Teddington or via Skype, contact for more information if you would like these sessions at the comfort of your home)

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