“Edina is fantastic. She is a great yoga teacher, and also shows incredible insight and sensitivity in her work. She has helped me hugely to relax and understand my body and its needs. Edina is adaptable and creative as well, often introducing new thoughts and initiatives to make her sessions enjoyable and extremely effective. She is very experienced, knowledgeable and clearly well-read, so she is able to introduce whatever treatment and approach is necessary to deliver the very best yoga and massage sessions. Working with Edina is an absolute delight and she has unlocked a new understanding and light into my life that was not there before. I would highly recommend Edina she is a wonderful teacher, amazing at massage and a truly lovely person.
Many thanks
Gill H, Director at NHS

“I have been going to Edina’s yoga class for about almost 2 years. When I first started going to her class my 12 year marriage had just broken down and I had to get used to caring for my 3 young daughters, the youngest being aged 3 at the time. Suffice to say I was a complete mess. I had never done yoga before and I was told that it might help. So I went to my local yoga class and was exhausted after what was essentially an aerobic workout with poses that I could hardly get into let alone hold. I was ready to give up yoga. And then I met Edina and went to her class. Edina, unlike so many commercial yoga classes gave individual attention to each of the attendees to the class. She created an environment of serenity and security. I felt safe. For the first months I cried a lot. A lot of emotions were released due to the place I was in. Very soon I became utterly dependent on the class as it gave me the chance to unwind relax and become present. Edina has an unsurpassed knowledge of yoga. I have never been to a class taken by her which has been the same as the previous class. Edina researches each class and often there will be a theme to each class which she is happy to adapt according to injuries requests etc. After leaving a class even now, I always feel grounded and in a different zone to when I started the class.  Now I am in a happy place. I am able to cope with my new life and I am happy.  I would go as far as saying that Didi was central to my rehabilitation. I have no hesitation in recommending Edina. She is the best yoga teacher I have ever had a class with and I have experienced the top yoga teachers from L.A.
Thank you Edina.” Taner

“Wonderful deep and meditative yoga class beautifully taught by Edina last night in Wimbledon. A lovely fusion of meditation, breathing techniques, yoga , sound and movement which helped me to shift from the stuck and heavy place I started the week in. Great atmosphere too with candlelight and meditative music. If you’re looking for something a bit different than a normal yoga class and can get to Wimbledon on Monday evenings it’s definitely worth checking out.

It was indeed a lovely class. My heart feels soft , tender and open after the beautiful meditative flow and gentle yet strong yoga poses. ” Chris

“Didi is a wonderful teacher. Her unique fusion of meditation, movement and yoga creates a beautiful flow of energy + both creative + inspiring. And the heart-chakra is one of my favourites too. This class is highly recommended. Book your places now! With love + blessings” Mark

“Yesterday I attended the yoga class facilitated by Didi. Didi brings a conscious and spiritual connection to her form of yoga that adds a dynamic that I have not experienced in other yoga classes. She adds herself, her groundedness, her sense of being, her softness, her compassion, her music, her care were all manifested in abundance in this setting, she took us through flowing forms but added yogic practices for the eyes, meditations, breathing techniques. She tutored us in anatomy and physiology, she helped aide my body with gentle presses so easing my body into deeply grounding movements, she laid on of hands with sensitivity that moved me to tears and left my body feeling deeply connected with myself and all that i am. Those of you that know me well know that i do not praise for the sake of praising or to ‘big up’ even a friend’s work unless I genuinely feel that i value the work and am left feeling that I have received a gift. Didi is indeed the giver of gifts and presence and i am very grateful for what I received yesterday evening.I shall be attending again x” Jason

It was a beautifully crafted, deep and meditative class. Thank you for your sensitive and loving teaching. You have such a gift for this. Its been a real blessing to witness you develop it and take it deeper week by week as we’ve journeyed through the chakras ” Chris

“I remember coming to Edina’s first yoga class a couple of months ago, I was completely hypnotised by her teaching practice and the way she explained asana for us. Her soft voice was so calming, her beautiful flows were creative. You leave the room calm, stretched and a bit more fluid than when you walked in. Edina is very attentive, with a very deep knowledge of yoga anatomy that is carefully and thoughtfully matched to the needs of her students. She gives you a real insight into the spirit and aim of the yogic philosophy.
Edina, you are one of the most inspirational people I have met, you are a natural teacher.

I have personally worked with Edina’s running our own yoga workshop combining Tantra and Hatha yoga fusion, the feedback was amazing as how Edina introduced the Tantric elements into the practice.

I still remember the first massage I had by Edina about 2 years ago when she invited me to be her case study. I was mesmerised by her soft yet firm hands as she was going through my body. Edina’s massages are always performed in a clean, professional, warm surrounding with soft gentle music in the background that melts your heart away. She always takes her time and never rushes. I always feel refreshed, uplifted and calm after her massage, her attention to detail is amazing.” JC

“I have been having one to one yoga classes with Didi for a few months, during which time I know the practice of asanas (postures) and yogic breathing have supported and nurtured my body, which pre-classes with Didi was full of aches and pains. Didi is a very caring person who intuitively knows what is going to benefit you.

I had a message treatment recently with Didi, which was a very holistic experience, and I felt much less stiff in my neck and shoulders, and my entire body became more flexible. I noticed afterwards that various emotions floated to the surface – which Didi advised could happen. This was followed at a later stage by clarity and I now feel much more in contact with my heart and my emotions.

I would definitely recommend both yoga practice and massage treatments with Didi.” Jenny

Edina is a great yoga teacher, she has a very inclusive, intuitive and supportive approach and her classes are always interesting and effective both physically and relaxation wise/meditatively.

“Edina is a great yoga teacher, she has a very inclusive, intuitive and supportive approach and her classes are always interesting and effective both physically and relaxation wise/meditatively.” Previous Attendant