Yoga and Sail in Croatia

~Join us  9th-14th June for an amazing trip sailing on the sea in Croatia (Split) and do yoga on the boat and the beach~

Yoga & Sailing Holiday in Split 9th-14th June 2019

sailingTitle: ~Have the courage to be exactly who you are, dropping the layers~
Would you like to wake up to the sun and feel the soothing waves of the sea?
Would you like to experience the proximity of the elements yet be completely at peace?
Are you ready for the holiday of the year to be living on a catamaran/sailing boat for 6 days, eat home cooked food and maybe even try sailing?
Every day the crew will pull up the anchor and will leave the shore for sailing.
On a catamaran, you will explore the picturesque Croatian coast with its beautiful bays and cosy harbours. The sun is shining, the water is warm, the air is clean. There is no stress aboard the spacious catamaran.
Greet the day actively with Vinyasa Yoga Flow/Hatha Flow by Edina on the beach and in the afternoon, relax with a Yin Yoga/Restorative practice. Close the day with a soothing yoga nidra to say hello to your whole being, reflect, set intention, breathe and feel.
When the winds start to blow and the sun is shining, you will get to experience nature directly. When sailing, the mind will be freed and calmed. We will swim and snorkel or just relax.
You will be guided and introduced to meditation from various traditions: yoga, mindfulness
Do expect gorgeous sunsets and a magical starry sky! This you can only experience out on the sea.
Culinary treats, as the menu adapts to the climate and lifestyle of modern yogis. After the morning yoga, enjoy a soothing breakfast and the smell of fresh coffee and tea. During the day, snack on some healthy Mediterranean fruit. After the yoga session, together we will prepare Mediterranean and Indian vegetarian and vegan delicacies. The secret recipes and ingredients are selected and purchased by the team. Water and fruit juices will be provided for you.
The journey is suitable for yoga and sailing enthusiasts of all level. Edina and Klaus will lead the yoga classes. Klaus is an experienced sailing instructor and skipper and knows Split by heart.
However if you wanted to help us with the sailing you are welcome to get the grips of it!
Daily routine:
7.30 Rise and Shine, see the sun first thing in the morning! Paradise!
Yoga 8:00 – 9:30
Breakfast 10:00 – 11:00
Set sail after 11:30
In good weather: Pranayma, meditation and yoga philosophy on board
15:00 – 18:00 anchoring in one of the many beautiful bays/free time
In good weather pranayma, meditation and yin yoga on board
19:30 Dinner on board
22:00 Yoga Nidra or Meditation to round up the day

The schedule might be subject to change depending on the weather conditions and sailing times.

You will be able to arrive on the evening of the 8th and the retreat will start from the morning of the 9th. The trip will come to a close at 12pm on the 14th June. Please allow plenty of time to transfer to the airport, in case the weather conditions are rough or there is a delay. Again, check with us before booking your flight.

To reserve your space, payment of €600 (300 non-refundable)  is required via direct bank transfer – Please contact for more info about booking. Please do not book your flight until you have accepted and are aware of all information about the cost and parameters of the trip. We want you to be happy! But know that this is unique experience not to be missed. Our last year’s one was a great success and a life changing experience to few.

Investment: €1199,00 (per person, in a shared cabin), or €1499 (in a single cabin)

Friends/couples who book together: save €75 each
Price includes: 2 yoga sessions a day (depending on weather conditions, accommodation in the sailing boat in double shared cabins, breakfast, snacks, dinner, water and fruit juices
What is not included: flights and transfers to the port, travel insurance, lunch, yoga mats, onboard cash (see description below), Towel and linen rental, local tax/person/day.

About Edina:
Edina is a London based Yoga teacher and massage therapist, who specialises in ancient yogic practices drawing from the principles of Yoga, mindfulness,  Ayurveda applied in the Western world. Edina’s sessions are themed to the individual’s or group’s needs and they combine energy work, meditation, pranayama, asana, mudra and bandha from various yoga traditions.
Edina’s passion is to create deep meditative, transformative experiences and rituals which are themed to deliver knowledge, depth, reflection, presence and fun, with the main emphasis being on the breath. Yoga is way more than just a set of postures. Edina shares her experience of yoga which can help you find more insight, calmness and connection to the world through the yoga of being.
Edina’s work draws from the traditional yogic teachings and she has been fortunate to have studied with some of the greatest scholars including Carlos Pomeda and Hareesh Christopher Wallis.
Klaus is an experienced sailing instructor and skipper and knows Mallorca and Split by heart. Klaus has lead retreats in both Mallorca, Croatia and he brings his grounded approach to his yoga sessions.
This retreat will be the highlight of your year. You will do yoga on the beach, on the yacht and you will sail away from the shore. You will get the real taste of the Mediterranean.

We will set out on the journey from the coast of Split, with its beautiful bays and wide beaches, secluded islands, and azure blue water.
Our sailing yacht is a catamaran/or similar newer type of sailing boat (depending on availability.
The sailing boat offers plenty of space and it is extremely cozy to live in. At the bow, between the two hulls there is a huge hammock where you can lie comfortably and enjoy the sun.
There is a salon/dining area with a well equipped kitchen. A terrace to sit on (on a yacht it is called the cockpit) is made for hanging out when sailing.
There are 4 spacious cabins waiting just for you with wide double beds and 4 bathrooms.

Food and Beverage
Just as we will introduce you to the life by the sea, we will also bring in the culinary specialities of the Mediterranean. In the morning there will be light fruity breakfast with tea and coffee.
During the day you’ll be served snacks and fruit, alcohol-free drinks will be available.
For dinner, the crew, with your help, will prepare the dinner to our delicious recipes, making sure love and compassion is added to your dining experience.
Things to do
Besides yoga, there are countless other things to do: Swim and snorkel in the crystal-clear warm water, there will be time to read or entertain, you can help with the sailing (if you so wish), you can meditate or just relax whilst sunbathing.

Board cash (between  €80-200/per person per trip, depending on the  number of participants and other circumstances)- What is it?

The on-board cash register is used to pay for various things that are needed and consumed during a sailing trip. The amount of the costs depends among other things on the number of participants and their personal wishes. Some costs depend on the consumption and others change with the weather – e.g. the fees for an overnight stay in the harbour.

Harbour dues:
We want to anchor as much as possible in beautiful bays and enjoy nature. Nevertheless we have to go to a safe harbour if the weather is bad. Or you want to sleep without swinging and lie quietly in the harbour. In some bays you are only allowed to moor at buoys, that doesn’t cost much. As we have only limited water supplies on board for showering and according to experience it doesn’t last long, we need a harbour stop to bunk water. In one week we will be 1 night in the harbour under normal conditions.

We want to move as much as possible under sails and assume that we always have enough wind. But even if we have no wind we want to move. But there is an economical diesel engine on board and it consumes approx. 3 to 4 litres of fuel per hour. On average we need 50 – 80 € for fuel in one week.

To get to the beach we have a small dinghy on board. The dinghy is handed out with two paddles. As an option there is also a small engine available which makes it much easier for us to get to the beach. For the outboard motor an extra rental fee of approx. 100,00€ is to be paid. Whether we use the option we will decide together with the check-in on the boat.

Final cleaning
At the end of our sailing week the yacht will be professionally cleaned, for this you have to pay approx. €150.

Bed linen:

For the beds there is the option to rent bed linen, also towels are offered.
How much this costs varies from landlord to landlord. Bed linen costs approx. €20,00 and towels approx. €5.
It is also possible to bring a sleeping bag and towels.

And the gas we use for cooking will be charged with €10,00.

The owners of the yacht require the conclusion of a liability insurance for damages which could be caused by the crew e.g. should the inventory come to damage by improper use. This insurance is paid out of the board cash and costs approx. 150.00 €